Wendy Neubauer is “The Bada Bean”

Cooking great food and making people smile is the reason she loves this so much!

Since 2007

It doesn’t take long …maybe three or four words …to notice that Wendy “aint from ’round here”.  It might be the lack of the letter ‘r’ in her words or the diminishing, but noticeable, accent when she talks.  Wendy is from Massachusetts, she moved down here in 2001.  She worked for the State for several years and when the opportunity for her to return to restaurant work presented itself, she grabbed it with both hands and hasn’t looked back!

October 1st 2007, Wendy took ownership of a little coffee shop, The Bada Bean, and began the journey of making it her own.  A little-known secret is that Wendy knew nothing about coffee, but that hasn’t stopped her from building a “coffee shop on crack” as it has been described by some.  She began learning a lot about coffee and diversifying the limited sandwich menu, and by January 1, 2008 began serving breakfast.  She has continued to develop the menu and strives daily to find new recipes and ideas to satisfy her growing family of happy customers.  The demand for Wendy’s cooking grew and in June of 2009 major renovations in the kitchen were required.  This was the perfect opportunity for her to take a break and celebrate her 1-year anniversary (Wendy and Alan got married in 2008).  After a painful (more expensive than anticipated AND longer time than planned) remodeling, The Bada Bean reopened and Wendy hasn’t slowed down one bit.

She LOVES what she does.  Your smiles and full bellies make it all “worth the effort” for her.  So, come on in…make yourself comfortable… and let her do her thing, for YOU!

Our Philosophy

We strive to serve great food!

As fresh as possible.
Good, Home style cooking.
Just like mom used to make.
With friendly staff that cares about
your dining experience from start to finish.

Save room for dessert!